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Music For Sale

Welcome, to the SMT Music arrangements for sale part of the website. Most of the pieces are arranged for string quartet but many of the wedding pieces can be performed as a trio (without viola) and most of the classical marches have an optional trumpet part as well. So, when placing your order notice the pop down box which has various options for your instrumentation.

Indicate trio or quartet and then if you want to add trumpet or other to the mix you may have the option to do that too. For now, I am offering the music via PDF file which you can download and print off your printer. Later, I will be offering “hard copies” which can be mailed. If you really prefer a hard copy you can email to let me know and I’ll try to accommodate you. Of course, the price will be higher due to the production cost. I can email a page sample if you would like to look that over before ordering. Also, the music offered has an audio mp3 sample, either with live quartet or midi. All parts are rendered in Finale. If you are looking for a piece of music not listed feel free to email me and I may be able to help you out. Not all the music I’ve arranged is listed. I get quite a few requests and often can accommodate the request or suggest several other websites that offer music. I’m into networking and am open for feedback and finding out about new places for interesting arrangements.
So, feel free to email me.


Steve Taylor
SMT Music

If requested, I can email you a list which includes some pop and rock
tunes and others not listed on the site..

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