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Whether you’re having an elaborate church wedding with hundreds of guests in attendance or a simple backyard affair the basic parts of a wedding are the same. Our musicians arrive 60 minutes before the wedding. The first 30 minutes is designated for setup.  Next 30 minutes is used for Prelude music. The Wedding Ceremony follows lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Wedding Music Guide

Arrival and Setup ~ First 30 Minutes

  • Please have chairs (no arms) set off to one side near the front -audience left preferred 

  • Musicians meet with coordinator for final review

  • Rehearsal of soloist or specially featured music

  • Musicians completing sound check and final review of music

    • Please do not schedule Wedding Party pictures or any disruptions near musicians during this period.

    • Also avoid bleed over from band sound check that would interfere with our final preparation

Prelude Music ~ Second 30 Minutes

Arrival of guests - atmosphere is lively  and festive. The music is in the background and upbeat in character. 

  • Musicians play mix of light classical and well known popular songs. 

    • Bride may select one or two specific songs - optional

  • PRINTED PROGRAM: Indicates "Prelude Music" courtesy of SMT MUSIC

  • Coordinator signals musicians when Wedding party is ready to begin procession.

  • End of Prelude Transition ~ Options

    • Ensemble takes short pause

    • Vocal Solo

    • Ushers light aisle candles

Wedding Procession ~ Final 30 Minutes

 This is it! No turning back!

  • Seating:

    • Grandparents​

    • Parents

    • Officiant with Groom

    • Groomsmen

    • Maids

    • Ring Bearer(s) and/or Flower Girl(s) 

    • BRIDE

  • Optional:

    • Unity Candle

    • Sand Ceremony

    • Knot Tying

    • Meditation 

    • Remembrance

Recessional ~ The Happy Couple!

Recessional music will be upbeat, joyful and loud. See SMT Sound Samples and Pop and Contemporary Playlist or consult Mr. Taylor for other options.  Musical selections available for this can be played by strings alone, or in concert with trumpet and or organ

  • Officiant pronounces the happy Couple! and makes the presentation to those in attendance. 

  • The couple exits followed by the Bridal party and then the immediate families.

  • General dismissal of remainder of those in attendance

  • For row by row dismal please consult Mr. Taylor due to additional time required.

For additional information and example wedding programs please download my guide, "Choosing and Organizing Your Wedding Music"

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