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Inspirational Wedding Songs

This CD contains beautiful songs for your prelude music, Unity Candle or Communion portion of the wedding. There are numerous vocal selections with strings and piano. Your wedding musicians can play these at your wedding. There are also just instrumental selections. Songs are inspirational, reflective, uplifting and help convey deep feelings of love and commitment on your wedding day. Sheet music also available. Contact me for details.



Steve Taylor


  1. Bridal Prayer – Roger Copeland, Composer

  2. How Beautiful – Words and Music by Twila Paris

  3. Only Time – Music by Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, Lyrics by Roma Ryan

  4. Grow Old With Me – Words and Music by John Lennon

  5. I Dreamed Of You – Ann Hampton Calloway and Rolf Lovland

  6. Gabriel’s Oboe – Ennio Morricone, Composer; adapted by Steve Taylor

  7. All I Ask of You – Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Charles Hart

  8. The Prayer – Words and Music by Carol Bayer and David Foster

  9. Surely, The Presence – Words and Music by Lanny Wolfe

  10. Winter – Vivaldi; Composer

  11. Wherever You Go – Words and Music by Gregory Norbet
    and Mary David Callahan

  12. Ave Maria – Franz Schubert, Composer

  13. Simple Gifts – Traditional

  14. You Raise Me Up – Words and Music by Brendan Graham and Ralph Lovland

  15. Intermezzo – Pietro Mascagni, Composer

  16. Feels Like Home – Words and Music by Randy Newman

  17. Eleanor Plunkett – Turlough O’Carolan, Composer

  18. On Eagle Wings – Words and Music by Michael Joncas

  19. In My Life – Words and Music by John Lennon


Weddings take a lot of planning. That’s a no brainer. If you can get a good jump on what lies ahead you’ll be more prepared and more able to relax and enjoy your wedding day. We hope you will find my wedding music CD helpful as you consider what music you might like played at your wedding. Most of the songs on this CD feature a vocal solo or duet. There are a few instrumental solos as well. That’s pretty normal for music you will find on wedding albums but what makes this CD unique is : all this music can be duplicated in real time at your wedding. Most wedding music Cd’s have either full orchestras (which you’re not likely to be able to afford, unless you’re Bill Gates) or are often heavily “produced” using sampled sounds played by synthesizers. There are some that just use piano or guitar. But, if you are having any of the traditional marches we recommend using a string ensemble which can be augmented with organ, piano or trumpet. Cost is a factor but for a reasonable price you can find a string group in most cities that won’t break the bank. The quartet music repertoire is vast and really makes the prelude portion of your wedding more interesting to your guests.


In your wedding, after the vows have been spoken, near the end of the ceremony we come to the candle lighting, or in some cases brides are having a “sand ceremony”. That brings me to the actual music that was selected for this CD.


I decided to concentrate on that part of the wedding where the music has a special significance. Not that the bridal march or seating of the parents or entrance of the bridal party are not of great importance. However, music that you choose in the latter part of the wedding has added importance. The reason for that is there is no action taking place at this point. No one is walking or if they are it’s a very short distance to the candles. The wedding music becomes the focus of the moment.


At this juncture the readings, the vows and most of the prayers have taken place. A special song, or instrumental selection gives voice to deeply held feelings of love, commitment and joy. Everyone is held captive for a few brief moments before the official end of the ceremony and pronouncement of marriage. We hope, as you listen to this CD you’ll discover one or more pieces of music that will help make your special day more unique and meaningful. I could walk you through each song, but you might be better off just listening to the CD. I will say, with regard to the length of the songs: we recorded most of them in their full length. In an actual ceremony I find 2-3 minutes is usually plenty of time for a song. So, we often will shorten a song to fit within a 2-3 sometimes 4 min. space. If you happen to be Catholic and are having a mass then the communion will often last the full duration of a long song. But, in general you don’t want the song to “steal the show”. The purpose of the song is to enhance and heighten the mood of the ceremony.


Steve Taylor.

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About My Wedding Music CD

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